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Culture is huge to us and our agents work within a positive peer culture. This means that together, by sharing and working together, we are all able to achieve more. We push each other, celebrate each other's wins, and coach each other in difficult transactions. It is essential that each team member be willing to lend a helping hand to another within the organization so that we can learn and grow. It is what is best for our clients, for the organization, and for ourselves. Coupled with fun quarterly client events, Team bonding events, and celebrating each other's wins, we all become closer and better brokers.


One on One Coaching
Each of our agents gets the opportunity to have one on one coaching with our designated broker and director of sales weekly. This is a time to dive deep into each agent's personal business, current clients, and leads, and develop skills to improve conversions so that more leads are converted into sales, time efficiency is improved and current transactions are handled effectively.

Hands-On Training
Our Owner and Sales Manager are available for questions in real-time. You learn by asking questions and the obstacles that come up as you go along. You also have a great team of brokers behind you that are beyond supportive and will help you along the way. As we said before, culture is huge! 

We have an extensive 90 Day Fast Start training program that guides you through what a successful Real Estate Agent does day by day. You talk to clients on day one, write practice contracts, preview homes, and much more!

Weekly Team Meetings

Every week we meet as a group and go over all our numbers, current clients, future listings, client events, and database marketing plan of action.


Multiple Proven Lead Sources
We have spent nearly two (2) decades perfecting the process of lead generation. Each month we generate 500 to over 1,000 new leads from a variety of proven sources. This includes leads from dozens of sources that convert into sales, such as Google and Microsoft searches, Realtor.com, social media sites, direct calls, and many more! Want leads that will convert and help build your business? We have them!

Inside Sales Agents
Baird Group Realty is and always will be a prospecting-based business. Although our agents prospect daily, we have decided to leverage our core skills with a strong call center. These Inside Sales Agents call expireds, cancelleds, FSBOs, neighborhood lists, online leads, our database, and other sources to convert leads and set appointments for our agents. Each ISA is required to set 3 appts a day. And with multiple telemarketers, this is a great source for business for our brokers

We regularly receive referrals from top brokers across the country to work with their clients. In addition, we work with referral companies, mortgage conglomerates, and relocation companies to place their clients. Our agents have access to these leads and to work with these clients on behalf of the organization.

Leads are provided to our agents for free! You have the opportunity to meet 12-15 clients per month and access our database of 70,000+ leads. By far our largest source of business, our database has now been developed for over 10 years. This includes past clients, current clients, and active clients looking. Our systems keep our clients engaged, they enjoy our quarterly events, and market updates, and are followed up with phone calls and invites. Every agent on the team is strongly encouraged to build out a personal database.


Baird Group Realty covers the cost of marketing, advertising, lead generation, and contract processing. We put a great deal of technology out there that you’ll be able to take advantage of. You’ll get a steady stream of leads and the tools and systems to convert those leads into clients and ultimately closed transactions!

Cutting-edge technology tools, buyer packet and presentation, and the training to go with them will be given to you so you can begin succeeding immediately. Our “90 Day Fast Start” training program will ensure that you stay focused on the activities that will get you productive as quickly as possible. It’s no wonder that real estate agents drop out of the industry, the lack of training and support runs rampant among traditional brokerages and teams, but not here at The Baird Team! 

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