Don’t Miss Your Chance To Buy This Holiday Season

Fantastic deals may be waiting for buyers this holiday season.

There’s a little secret not many people know about when purchasing a home: Finding a home over the holiday season can result in some of the best deals of the year! If you’re a buyer, what does this mean for you?

When we look at the traditional selling season in the Denver area, here’s what usually happens: January through March is a busy time for the housing market. April and May are when the market sometimes slows down due to school ending, graduations, and the start of the summer season. Then we see another spike in the summertime with people looking to get stuff done before the hot weather ends. After that, we'll see a steady season through Thanksgiving. Then, from Thanksgiving until New Year's, we typically see some of our slowest times of the market.

"You won’t have much competition, and sellers are typically a little bit more serious. "  

If you're looking to buy a home, don't let that stop you because there can be some hidden gems in the market. There may be fewer homes for sale, fewer buyers, and fewer opportunities, but if your dream home happens to be listed in the last month of the year, you'll want to take this chance.

You won’t have much competition, and sellers are typically a little bit more serious. They need to sell, otherwise, they wouldn't have their home on the market at that time of year. You can take advantage of that and get a fantastic deal. Right now, sellers are offering concessions to help buyers buy down the interest rate, cover inspection expenses, etc. to make that payment more palatable. I predict that in the last month of the year, we’ll see even more opportunities for buyers.

If you're thinking about buying a home, let's go look for it. Even if your dream home doesn’t come on the market, that’s okay since we can always wait until there's more inventory. However, if the perfect home does come, you don’t want to lose this opportunity. Call or email me if you have questions about your purchasing plans. I’m always happy to help!

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