One Thing All Home Sellers Should Know

Here’s the one thing home sellers should know about today’s market.

As interest rates increase, proper pricing has become more important than ever for home sellers. A few months ago, you could list a home for whatever you wanted, get buyers in, and sell above asking price. 

However, we’re not seeing that as much now. Many offers are at or under list price for the first time in a long time. Right now, it's crucial to develop a plan with your agent on what you should list your home for and why.

"Here’s my best tip for today’s home sellers."

On our team, we like to look for comparable sales within your neighborhood to get a good handle on pricing. We price towards the top of those comps, assuming your home is in good shape, and let buyers come in to bid it up from there. The one mistake you can’t make in this market is overpricing. With higher rates, buyers are getting pickier, and there are more options for them to choose from now.

If you’re thinking about selling, don’t price too high. Develop a strong strategy with an experienced agent to make sure you sell for top dollar. If you have any questions for me about selling or real estate in general, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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