Why Having a Great Title Company Is Important

Marissa Brennan is here to discuss First American Title Company.

Now more than ever, we know the importance of supporting small local businesses. So today we’re highlighting one of our favorite businesses in town, First American Title Company, our title company of choice. Marissa Brennan is here to discuss what title companies do and how First American stands out from the rest.

What does a title company even do? Well, every home and piece of land has a history, and title companies insure a property based on its past, while other insurance companies insure against what may happen in the future. You pay a one-time premium, and the title company will search through the property’s past to find out if there are heirs to the land, easements, liens, anything off-record that might come up, and more. They make sure the title is being transferred to the buyer free and clear at closing. We’ll bring you information to help with your real estate needs or even tasks around the house.

If anything having to do with the title comes up after closing, you’d file a claim, and the title company is financially responsible for helping you make everything right. For example, if someone knocks on your door and says they have rights to the property, they’ll step in and help after the close of sale.

There are plenty of title companies out there, especially in Colorado. However, just like with anything else, the company you choose matters. A great title company has experienced escrow officers, helpful technology, and is financially sound.

"Denver is a big destination for people working remotely."

At First American Title Company, their experienced closers know what to look for on preliminary title reports, how to handle liens and encroachments, and the steps for mitigating title defects that could come up. First American is backed by over $1 billion, and they own their own bank, so they’re financially sound and can make the new owner whole if a new claim comes up after closing. Technology and the customer experience with that tech are crucial to them, and they work hard to make everything seamless from start to finish. They have a platform that buyers, sellers, lenders, and agents can all log in to as well as valuable resources for business-development purposes like marketing and property reports.

We’ve seen quite a bit of change in the real estate industry in the last two years. People are looking to make things safer and more convenient and don’t want to leave their houses as much. First American was able to overcome an array of challenges that the pandemic brought on and have adapted them into their daily practices. They now have remote online notarization, meaning that a client out of state or country can sign documents over a video call with a notary as long as they have an internet connection and a camera. 

First American Title Company also offers drive-up closings. Additionally, it used to be that earnest money had to be dropped off with a physical check or wire transfer, but now they have several apps you can download that make it an easier mobile deposit. They’re in the process of bringing the title industry into the 21st century. 

If you have title questions or would like to contact First American Title Company for any reason, visit their website, or call (303) 242-7233. They’d be happy to help you.

Keep coming back to our blog because we’ll be interviewing more local, small businesses that we know and trust. We’ll bring you information for your real estate needs or to help with tasks around the house. If you have any questions or real estate needs, call or email. We would love to be your real estate resource.

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