Why This Market Is Ideal for Sellers

Now is the best time to sell and get top dollar for your home.

I recently saw a home listed for $800,000, and it ended up selling for $1.1 million—$300,000 more than the sellers were expecting. That’s what our wacky but excellent real estate market can do for sellers right now. Of course, they had a beautiful home that was in top condition, but they took the investment they made years ago and turned it into more than they ever imagined.

We have fewer homes on the market than ever before and likely more demand than we’ve ever had. Getting $300,000 over your list price isn’t common, but it can happen. We don’t know how long this market will last, but we know conditions are exceptional for sellers. If you’d like to take advantage of this seller’s market and put more money in your pocket, it’s a great time to cash out on your current home’s equity.

If you have any questions about selling or real estate in general, reach out to me via phone or email anytime. I’d be glad to help.


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