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From Our Blog - Home Ownership
Local Business Spotlight with Roofcorp: All your roofing questions answered!

Jon Wagner joins me to talk about updates in roofing technology. Today I sat down with Jon Wagner from Roof Corp to learn about a few new developments in the roofing industry and how they can help homeowners both save money and protect their properties. What’s new in the roofing ... Read more about Local Business Spotlight with Roofcorp: All your roofing questions answered!

Why Having a Great Title Company Is Important

Marissa Brennan is here to discuss First American Title Company. Now more than ever, we know the importance of supporting small local businesses. So today we’re highlighting one of our favorite businesses in town, First American Title Company, our title company of choice. Marissa Brennan is ... Read more about Why Having a Great Title Company Is Important

The Importance of Furnace and A/C Maintenance

Here are a few tips to ensure your air conditioning is in peak condition. Spring is finally here! Temperatures are starting to creep up, and before we know it, it’ll be summertime. Soon you’ll want to crank up the air conditioner in your home to keep cool. To ensure that your A/C unit ... Read more about The Importance of Furnace and A/C Maintenance

4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity

4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity Your equity is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals as a homeowner. And chances are, your equity grew substantially over the past year. According to the latest Equity Insights Report from CoreLogic, homeowners gained ... Read more about 4 Ways Homeowners Can Use Their Equity

Tips to Save Energy and Add Value

When it comes to energy efficiency, look for smart features and expertise to help you save energy and money and add value to your home. 1. Begin with a Right-Sized Home. If the home you buy is simply too large for you or your family’s needs or plans, you stand a good chance of wasting energy ... Read more about Tips to Save Energy and Add Value


How to Beat a Cash Offer
Looking to buy a house?! . Wondering how you'll ever beat all those cash offers?! . Check out this video and I'll explain a few of the ways we're helping our clients get offers accepted and beat all-cash offers!! . Let #BairdGroupRealty help you today! Contact #TheBairdTeam today!! #BGR #DenverCO #Denverhomes #Coloradohomes #Mountainhomes #5280homes #denversbest #realestatedenver #coloradoliving #denverproperties #homebuying #buyingprocess #investmentproperty #homesearch #denverneighborhoo
One thing you MUST do to your home before winter!
The One Home Inspection You MUST Do Before Buying!
Q: What's the ONE free inspection you should always get done when you're buying a home? A: Roof Inspection! . Roof inspections??are free, painless and it could give you some great information on what you need the sellers to repair before moving in!???? . Most general home inspectors are not licensed roofers, they know what they are looking at but it is very powerful to have a roofer come out also!????? . If you have any questions?? on home inspections or any other questions don’t be afraid to reach out, we
Welcome to Real Estate Success Supercharger!
Here's Michael Baird, Co-Owner and Team Leader of Bear Group Realty to share some exciting news to real estate agents. We will be providing informational and educational videos to help you grow your real estate business, move your career to the next level, and navigate the changing market. Whether you are new to the industry and looking to sell more, or an experienced agent looking for tips and strategies, we are here to help. We love talking about real estate, collaborating with other agents in our ma
What challenges will you face as a new real estate agent?!
There’s no doubt that success in real estate can be elusive and hard to predict! Check out this video and I’ll go over the 3 biggest challenges any new real estate agents will face and… how to overcome them to start seeing results! . We’ll cover: ??Building a pipeline of clients ??Time Management ??Marketing . Are you building a solid pipeline of clients to make sure your business doesn’t run dry? . Are you managing your time and spending time on dollar productive activities? . Are you marketing yourself an
Humble Hungry and Smart
??Have you thought about a career in real estate? ??Or are you looking to take your career to the next level? ??Want to know what it takes to succeed? . We all see TV shows... You show 3 houses, all in one 30 minute episode, and then your client picks one and you get paid! Seems great, but, unfortunately, that's not reality ?? . Through talking with hundreds of real estate agents, both locally and across the country, we have found there are 3 main things that will determine your success in this business. .
5 SECRETS to Being the BEST Real Estate Agent!
Are you tired of being an average real estate agent who sells an average amount of homes? Check out this video and I'll discuss the 5 secret tips that all GREAT real estate agents follow! If you follow these steps, you'll see a huge change in your business because you will have a much more focused and systematic approach. . Are you doing the simple things that can produce HUGE results??
?? What's the Secret to Success in Real Estate??
?? What's the Secret to Success in Real Estate?? Are great real estate agents born, or are they created?? Being a top real estate agent can seem difficult to achieve, or even completely out of reach if you're new to the business. It's hard to see yourself going from brand new agent to top producer, especially if you don't know the steps necessary to take I'm going to let you in on a little secret. There is no skill required! There is, however, a success formula that ALL top producers use to rise the to
Do you want to sell more real estate?
Are you a real estate agent? Do you want to have better relationships with your clients and sell more? Don't we all!? Check out my one quick tip for an easy way to connect with your clients and easily build rapport. Doing this one thing will help you earn trust, build confidence, have fun, and sell more!
Follow Up!
Let's talk about follow up! It's not a four-letter word, but sometimes we treat it like one. ?We avoid it ?We make reasons not to do it ?We overthink it ?We have fear of rejection ?We just plain don't do it! I'm here to tell you why follow up is the most important thing in your real estate sales tool kit! Watch this video and I'll give you a few easy ways to follow up more consistently and follow up better!
3 Step Process to Sell More Homes and have better conversations!
How many times have you called a lead and heard the objection “I’m just browsing”?? If you’re like most real estate agents, you hear this and get stopped in your tracks! Check out this video and I’ll go over the simple framework we use to… Acknowledge Agree Move On Here’s a quick breakdown of the process we’ve used for years here at BGR to get past these Reflexive Brush Off (RBO) responses… -Acknowledge their response Never challenge or disagree Acknowledgement helps build rapport and leave room fo
Why would I consider joining Baird Group Realty?
Does the brokerage you work for really matter? We like to think it does, and there are 3 key things we focus on at Baird Group Realty to set our agents up for success! Check out this video and I’ll go over those 3 key pillars…. Culture Leads Training ..................... Here’s a rundown on these 3 things and why they matter so much to us and our agents… Culture We are a family owned company, that’s at the heart of everything we do When you join our team you become part of the family and immediately
Want to turn objections into appointments??
Having trouble getting over objections from your leads? Dig in and find out what the real problem is... Then provide value, and use the magic bullet.... "That's exactly why we need to meet!" When you can turn objections into opportunities for appointment you'll sell more and be a better asset to your clients!
3 Legged Business Stool
??How many legs does your business stool have?? In a great market we can rely on one hot source of business.... But when markets shift, that "one-legged stool" will topple over and leave you wondering what happened!! . At our team we preach a 3??-legged stool approach. This way, no matter how difficult the market, we have a solid foundation for continuing to generate business! . What are the 3?? legs of our stool? ??Online lead generation ??Open Houses ??Sphere of influence/Past Clients . We've found that,